Early Life Matters (ELM)

  • Are you wanting help during pregnancy in the transition to parenting your new baby?
  • Are you stressed, anxious, depressed or struggling to adjust to becoming a parent?
  • Are you worried about relationship, behavioural or emotional difficulties with an infant or young child?

The Centre for Early Life Matters (ELM) is an initiative of Marymead that provides counselling services for families who have babies and young children (under the age of eight), and are worried about how they are behaving or feeling. We also work with parents as they prepare for the arrival of a new baby.

Our experienced counsellors and support staff focus on relationships between parents and children, within families and with others. We take a child centred, family focused, strengths based approach, identifying and building on the capacities of children, parents, families and their supporters, to improve the situation.

What we offer:

  • Child and family counselling including private psychological services
  • Centre based or outreach services (home visiting)
  • Individual and group therapy (including with families)
  • Parent-infant and parent-child therapy
  • Psycho-education: individual and group programs
  • Circle of Security Parenting Course (eight weeks)
  • Circle of Security Intensive Course (20 weeks)

ELM brochure ELM brochure (726 KB)

Description of the Circle of Security Intervention

The Circle of Security Parenting Course is an eight week group designed to enhance relationships with your children. The group will also provide you with a theoretical framework to help you better understand your child and their physical and emotional needs by providing insight into what your child’s behaviour might be telling you.

The Circle of Security Intensive Course is a 20 week, group based, parent educational and psychotherapeutic group intervention designed to shift patterns of interaction in the parent-child relationship to a more appropriate developmental pathway. Using edited video tapes of their interactions with their children, caregivers are encouraged to:

  • Increase their sensitivity and appropriate responsiveness to their children’s signals for closeness and comfort
  • Increase their ability to reflect on their own and their child’s behaviors, thought and feelings regarding their attachment care giving interactions and
  • Reflect on experiences in their own histories that affect their own care giving patterns

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Department of Social Services (DSS)
ACT Health

Enquiries and referrals

We welcome direct enquiries from parents and carers as well as referrals from other professionals working with children and families.

For more information phone 1800 427 920 or email programs@marymead.org.au.