Foster Care NSW

The Marymead NSW Foster Care Program provides foster care support services within the Southern and Western regional areas of NSW.

Foster Care is the placement of a child or young person with a carefully selected family for a planned period of time. Financial support and high quality case management support is provided to both the child or young person, and the foster carers.

Children in care are supported to keep in contact with their own families wherever possible, even over long periods of time. This is very important because the strong connection that children have with their birth families assists them to develop their sense of identity and belonging and must be acknowledged, supported and respected.

The time spent in foster care can vary from just one day to a number of years depending on each child’s circumstances. 

How We Work / Who Can Use The Program

Marymead will offer Foster Care case management support to children and young people who have entered Out of Home Care across a number of regions in Southern and Western NSW. These children and young people generally enter care due to a breakdown of parental care which may be due to illness, crisis or exposure to abuse and/or neglect.

To help them overcome those experiences, the children need to be provided with a safe, consistent and nurturing family environment in which they can develop new skills and have their physical, emotional, social, cultural and educational needs met. Our NSW Foster Care program offers respite care, short-term/emergency care and medium to long term care. 

Referrals to the NSW Foster Care Program

Referrals to the program are made by the Department of Family and Community Services and may be urgent, at times giving little notice to carers. As indicated earlier, some of the children who are referred have been exposed to abuse and neglect and may display behavioural difficulties due to trauma they have experienced. 

Respite Care

Respite provides regular time out for struggling families. Carers will look after the same child or sibling group on a regular or occasional basis, dependent on the needs of the child.

Short Term/Emergency Care

This service provides both emergency and planned short term care ranging anywhere from one day to six months. These placements usually arise from crisis.

Medium to Long-Term Care

These placements will range anywhere from several months to permanent care until the child reaches 18 years of age.

All placements are carefully matched to meet the needs of the child/young person and the carer family. All children require a stable home environment that is of a good standard. Carers must be able to relate to children and be able to nurture and encourage them to achieve their potential. This will mean supporting children through school and helping them to develop their sense of identity and belonging.

Foster Care NSW brochure Foster Care NSW brochure (789 KB)

Funding Bodies

The Marymead NSW Foster Care Program is funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

Helpful Links

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