Marymead's Autism Centre

Marymead’s Autism Centre is located at Marymead’s Narrabundah ACT site and provides services and support to individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Marymead has recently merged with ‘Autism Asperger ACT’ (AAACT), a local not for profit organisation that dated back to the late 1970’s.

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What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong development disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people and the world around them. It is a spectrum condition, which means that while all people with autism share certain areas of difficulty, their condition will affect them in different ways.

A prevalence study by the Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders in 2007 concluded that one in 160 Australian children aged between six and 12 years old have an Autism Spectrum Disorder – equating to over 10,000 Australian children. However, more recent studies suggest this figure could in fact be around one in 100 children (Centres of Disease Control and Prevention, 2012).

This means that the condition is now more common than cerebral palsy, diabetes, deafness, blindness and leukaemia combined.

ASD - Frequently Asked Questions ASD - Frequently Asked Questions (356 KB)

Marymead’s Autism Centre provides the following services:

  • ASD Specific Library
  • Book Boxes
  • Autism Advisory Service
  • Family Support
  • Community Awareness
  • Information and Referrals
  • NDIS Pre-Planning
  • NDIS Supports Coordination
  • Accommodation Services
  • Newsletter

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For more information please call 6162 5800 or email
To find out more about the accommodation services available please click here.


The Jeanette Purkis Autism Women's Group will now be held on the first Thursday of each month.

Where: Hellenic Club, Woden - Matilda Street, Woden ACT 2606

When: 7:30pm - 9pm