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2 Feb 2022

ALLBIDS prove they’re ALL LOVE for local charities, including Marymead’s Auxiliary

PICTURED (L-R): Cathi Moore (Auxiliary), Rob Evans (ALLBIDS), Caroline Jones (ALLBIDS), Frances Dietrich (Auxiliary President), Libby Amiel (Auxiliary Treasurer)

If you have grown up in Canberra or been here for a number of years, there is no doubt you would have come across, or at least heard of, the online auction site ALLBIDS. Over the past ten years, ALLBIDS has generated over $25million for sellers and raised more than $3million for charities and community partners.

ALLBIDS is a Canberra owned and operated business started by Rob Evans over 20 years ago.
“It started out with Rob selling second hand IT equipment then office furniture, and has evolved into the business it is today which encompasses everything from jewellery, to decorative art, antique furniture and even cars,” explained Caroline Jones, Art Specialists at ALLBIDS. “It has grown exponentially over the last ten years from its second hand IT beginnings.”

ALLBIDS allows members of the public, Australian federal police, Government departments, estate executors, car dealers, collectors and leading retailers to easily sell and bid on a range of items. Majority of the over 150,000 people on the database are Canberrans, with a handful of interstate and even international bidders who engage with the site regularly, particularly those with special interests.

“Death and divorce are what we see a lot of in the auction industry, and that brings with it lots of interesting items; jewellery is one thing that comes out of that. We also get a lot of beautiful collections of antique furniture, lovely timber pieces, decorative arts. Every day something different arrives,” says Caroline. “Canberra is a unique location as there is a significant international population who bring with them some really interesting and unique items.”

ALLBIDS recognised quickly that they could use their platform to help charities raise much-needed funds, raising an amazing $479,439 for various organisations last year alone. “We are always very happy to help charities who are wanting to raise money for whatever cause it may be.  It’s something that Rob feels very strongly about, whether it’s someone like Marymead or whether it’s an animal rescue organisation or a kids sports club,” said Caroline.

Most commonly charities and community organisations list donated auction items on ALLBIDS ahead of a fundraising event allowing them to reach a wider audience and raise more money. This is something Marymead has seen great success with, particularly at previous events like our Race Day.

In recent years, the Marymead Auxiliary have been utilising ALLBIDS to sell their high value or unique items that have been donated to their Garage & Plant Sales. This financial year alone, ALLBIDS has helped the Auxiliary to raise $10,000 (and counting!) from selling donated second hand items or running art auctions on behalf of the Auxiliary. These activities over the last five years have raised over $22,000 for Marymead!

Libby Amiel, Treasurer of the Auxiliary, only has good things to say about ALLBIDS.  “From the management down, the ALLBIDS team is focused on service to the Canberra community, so they are an obvious match with the Marymead Auxiliary. We get no cost access to a big group of bidders for the higher value or quirky items that have been donated to our Garage Sales.  And ALLBIDS go the extra mile on big auctions like the three art auctions we have held with them. Great people to work with, raising money for services to support Marymead’s clients”.

We are extremely grateful for all the support Rob, Caroline and the team at ALLBIDS continue to give Marymead. Please support those who support us!