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Caitlan Hatley
Family Services Unit Manager

I began working at Marymead in 2019 as the Team Leader in the Children’s Contact Program in the ACT and NSW South Coast.

I recently became the Unit Manager for the newly developed Family Services Unit, which holds the Children’s Contact, Family Skills and Post Separation programs.


I love my job and the complex and challenging content it presents. Leading with an open mind and providing flexible, adaptable support to families experiencing breakdown is something I truly enjoy about this work. I am passionate about providing tools to improve agency in children and their families to influence positive outcomes in life and strengthen their relationships. My personal and professional life has drawn me to work in the community sector to improve the lives of vulnerable children and their families. I would be incomplete without children at the centre of my work.


My background and qualifications are in Early Childhood Education and Leadership. During my 13 years in education, I had a particular interest and continued my studies in infant and toddler attachment theories and early neurodevelopment. In my leadership roles, I developed and implemented effective educational curriculums to support child development across multiple settings, developed and managed Quality Improvement Plans for Accreditation and Assessment and mentored Teachers and Educators to deepen their knowledge in their work with children. Further to this, I have experience working to support families experiencing many number of life challenges including disabilities, separation, addictions and other vulnerabilities.