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Employment Support

Employ for Ability and Marymead are now providing School Leavers Employment Support (SLES) for NDIS participants with an autism diagnosis.

The program is tailored for young people on the autism spectrum ad is run by trained autism consultants. The program runs over 48 weeks and covers the following topics in group settings based on individual needs:

  • understanding autism and identifying your strengths
  • theory of mind, learning different perspectives, and managing intolerance of uncertainty
  • managing comorbidities
  • time management skills using tools and techniques
  • emotion control – Zones program
  • social skills development – PEERS program
  • communication skills, verbal, written, non-verbal
  • self-regulation, managing anxiety and depression using mindfulness
  • how to get to work
  • getting organised for work; tips hints, routines, hygiene, dress
  • unwritten rules of work
  • finance skills, pay, super, spending, planning
  • role of managers, supervisors, mentors and buddies in your career
  • refining your work readiness, 3-week part-time, project/assessment program
  • work experience
  • entrepreneurship – starting a micro business
  • finding and applying for suitable roles
  • meeting a new employer.


Contact Employ for Ability directly for an initial consultation.