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Lego Builders Group
The LEGO® Builders' Group is a free group for children aged 5 years and up on the autism spectrum and their siblings.
Dungeon & Dragons Social Group
Dungeons & Dragons is a role-playing game that has many benefits such as encouraging teamwork, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and develops social skills in a fun and engaging way.
Lab Social Group
Marymead Autism Centre has started delivering a new technology club for kids on the autism spectrum, The Lab.
Family Support Group
The Marymead Autism Centre Family Support Group is for parents, carers and relatives who support family members who are on the autism spectrum.
Women's Support Group
Facilitated by Yenn Purkis, the group offers support to women on the autism spectrum.
Men's Support Group
This group is for young men, men on the autism spectrum and fathers of children on the autism spectrum.