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27 Jan 2022

Mental Health and Counselling Unit, trailblazing in lockdown

The most recent COVID-19 lockdown has posed many challenges to the New Horizons team. Preparing to move counselling sessions with children online has been no small feat! However, our clinicians have remained undeterred and have used all their passion and creativity to trailblaze a new way of conducting therapy in an online space.

First was the birth of the Virtual Therapy Rooms created by our very own Emma Sait. Emma spent hours tirelessly creating a Virtual Therapy Room equipped with child-friendly activities, resources for coping with mental health, books, and the psychometric tools that we use in session. The clients can visit these rooms both in and outside of therapy. Emma even created a Bitmoji of herself to add a personal touch to the rooms (see image below).

What has followed has been wonderful to watch. Felicia has posted handwritten letters to her clients to maintain a personal connection. Other clinicians have facilitated virtual scavenger hunts with clients. But, most importantly, our New Horizons staff have endeavoured to remain connected to our most vulnerable families in ways that go above and beyond. Team member Sarah has even sourced a free laptop to gift to a client to remain better connected to Sarah and the important school work!

Running groups has been another challenge, which the New Horizons staff have taken on readily. All in all, we found creative ways to continue services for those most in need through yet another lockdown.

New Horizons has also been nominated for a 2021 YOGIES Award, a very exciting accomplishment! 

Annabelle Jeffries
Family Counselling Team Leader

Bitmoji virtual therapy room