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Listen to what our Carers Have to Say

Respite Care through Marymead

Steph, a respite carer with Marymead, has provided respite for children and young people aged from 2-17. Marymead respite carers are a vital part of the foster care system, as they provide emergency accommodation to those in need, usually over a weekend.

Guardianship Caring with Marymead

Guardianship caring means that you are parents to the child until they turn 18, meaning you have all parental rights as ordered by the court. Matthew and Lucy are mindful that this is hard for the biological parents, and to be respectful in all situations. Lucy explains there are negative, stereotypical connotations as to why the parents have had to give up their child, which is not usually the case. “The birth parents have lost something, and you have to show compassion and grace.“

Long-term caring with Marymead

Couple Helen and Ian have been long-term carers with Marymead for just over a year now. Like others, the couple were looking to extend their family, but chose to in a different way and help the community at the same time. They are currently caring for a 4-year-old boy, who is benefiting from their shared cultural background, as they can bond over things such as visiting a local temple, etc.

From Respite Caring to Guardianship Caring

Couple Matthew and Lucy have been respite caring since 2017 with Marymead, as a way to extend their family in a different way. Respite care means you don’t necessarily get notice, or it may not be the most convenient time. After caring for two boys, the couple received a call to look after a baby boy starting from that afternoon. Although they were looking forward to a rest, they agreed to take the baby for what they thought was a weekend.