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An eight week group for women hoping to better understand their strong emotions by learning the origin and purpose of emotions, building self-awareness, and learning mindfulness and other strategies to manage and express how they are feeling.

The aim of the group is to assist women to build an understanding and awareness of emotions and feelings.  This is done by exploring the physical, emotional and cognitive experiences that are felt when feeling strong emotions, this builds awareness, which in turn opens space to find choice points/circuit breakers. 

Throughout the eight weeks, as trust and safety is built, personal experiences can be shared and brainstormed, allowing for experiential learning to happen. A range of strategies are given to the participants to experiment with, to find out what works for them personally and to then explore in more depth with a therapist.

During the course of the eight weeks, a self-care box is built – it is filled with the meaningful items to help when feeling stress, anxious, angry, overwhelm etc.  Items or strategies that can be used when feeling out of control.

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255 Goyder Street, Narrabundah, ACT
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1800 427 920

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