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Small change can equal big Change, with Workplace Giving…


What is Workplace Giving?

While we all might like to help out by volunteering or fundraising, balancing work and family often leaves us with little time to spare. Workplace Giving provides you with an easy and practical way to support Marymead and make a difference to the lives of less fortunate children and families in the local community.

Workplace Giving is a voluntary program where donations are deducted directly from your gross salary each pay period. You also get the benefit of giving pre-tax, making each dollar go further, whilst receiving an immediate tax deduction without the need to keep receipts for tax purposes. This means that the cost for an employee on a 39.5 per cent tax rate, pledging a $10 weekly charitable donation is only $6.05.

How does Workplace Giving work?

Workplace Giving Programs are increasingly being recognised by Australian employers as a practical way in which their employees can actively contribute to community development.

Workplace giving is also a key part of many companies' corporate social responsibility program, in which they facilitate workplace giving as a service to their employees and the community.

As part of their workplace giving initiative, employers invite their employees to enter into a workplace giving arrangement in which they nominate the charity, such as Marymead, to which they wish to make a regular donation. The employer will then deduct the donation from the employee's pre-tax pay. Some employers also contribute by matching their employee's contributions.

The donation amount for all employees within the group who have nominated Marymead will then be paid by the employer directly to us, enabling us to continue our ongoing work in the local community.

If Marymead is not presently included in your employer's workplace giving program you can ask for Marymead to be added to the list of nominated DGR charities.

What are the benefits of workplace giving?

Workplace giving delivers benefits to both the communities Marymead works in and participating employers and their employees.

Donations through Workplace Giving will:

  • Reflect your company's goodwill and commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Enhance your corporate image among staff and the local community
  • Increase your company's overall charitable giving


Workplace Giving enables staff to:

  • Support their favourite charity on a regular basis
  • Make tax-free charitable donations of any amount


For Marymead, workplace giving:

  • Enables us to develop a long-term relationship with our supporters
  • Provides us with a steady, regular source of income, enabling us to plan ahead and make long-term commitments to the communities with whom we work
  • Reduces our administration costs because we receive a regular bulk payment without the need to issue individual receipts, saving time and money.

An example of how Workplace Giving can work:

Donation per fortnight

Donation per year to Marymead

Actual annual cost to an employee*













 *This table is based on a marginal tax rate of 30% for taxable income of $35,001 to $80,000 and a Medicare levy of 1.5%.

For more information on the Workplace Giving program or to discuss setting up a Workplace Giving program in your organisation please contact Marymead on (02) 6162 5800 or email us at